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Our CD Error - You Get a New One!

Okay, you may have noticed that the CD you purchased from us had a white background for the CD tray. This is an error on our part. We now have received the correct CDs, which have this awesome picture by Phey Palma on it. We apologize for our mistake, and to make amends, you get a free brand new CD to replace the one you have already bought. We realize this only affects our biggest fans, the ones who have already bought the disc, so as payback, we'll throw in autographs for the disc as well, if you'd like that.

All you have to do to get a new CD is come to one of our shows - this Sunday's show is a good one, as it's soon, and it's free. Once again, sorry for the hassle, hopefully this, correct and even more awesome, CD will make you feel better.

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